Our Team

Rick Miller


Rick has 40+ Years Law Enforcement and Investigative Experience. He is a Graduate of the FBI Executive Development Program, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bomb Reconstruction Program, A Computer Voice Stress Analyst, and a Graduate of the DPC, Santa Clara University. During his law enforcement career Rick served as a Training Officer, Detective, Uniform Division Commander, Chief of Detectives and Precinct Commander.  Rick was also a POST certified Law Enforcement Instructor for several Police Academy and Law Enforcement Agencies. Rick was a Master Rated Defensive Tactics Instructor, Hostage Negotiator and Consulting Hypnotist.  Rick served with the 20th. Special Forces Gp. (Abn), 1st. SF Gp.

Rick and Glenn Foster corroborated together to form Kinesic Media LLC the company that produces the “Predictive Threat Assessment / Prevention” (PTAP) program for schools, churches, embassies and the private sector.




D. Glenn Foster, the father of the Kinesic Interview Technique, is the recognized expert, practitioner, and teacher of this renowned interview and interrogation system.  Serving first with the Atlanta Police Department and then as a polygraph examiner, Glenn launched himself into a lifelong study of the deceptive behaviors of humans under stress.

Teaming up with Frederick. C. Link, they originated the Kinesic Interview Technique. The publication of their 1980 book by the same name established the early Kinesic principles. 

Over the last 40 years Glenn has instructed thousands of law enforcement personnel to include U.S. Army Counter Intelligence agents, U.S. State Department personnel, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mexican Police kidnapping units, State Farm Insurance investigators, Blue Cross Blue Shield fraud investigators, bomb squad officers, arson investigators, and hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. Glenn has also taught professional bodies of judges, trial attorneys, psychiatrists and psychologists, and lectured throughout Europe on the topic of behavioral analysis

In the last few years, while working cold case homicides, Glenn has concentrated on developing his Kinesic Statement Analysis Technique the deconstruction of the conscious and subconscious behaviors a deceptive subject evinces when speaking and/or writing. This can be read and interpreted in handwritten statements, transcripts, audio and video interviews


Our “A” Team of Field Representatives



SA Chris Holland (Ret)

Division V.P.

  • Special Agent Chris Holland retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with over 25 years of state and federal law enforcement service and experience. As an FBI Special Agent, Chris conducted numerous investigations into bank robbery, kidnapping, home invasion, crimes against children, and narcotics trafficking. He led a multi-agency task force targeting cocaine trafficking on the Eastern Seaboard and a major heroin trafficking organization in Chicago. He is also highly skilled and experienced in electronic surveillance and SWAT tactical operations. Additionally, Chris is a recognized expert witness in the sexual exploitation of children. He has testified in both state and federal courts on these matters. After retiring from the FBI, Chris served for :
  • 5 years as an International Police Trainer, Mentor, and Advisor in Afghanistan and Liberia.
  • 12 months as a civilian Special Advisor to 82nd Airborne Division in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In this role he investigated and suppressed Improvised Explosive Devices. 1
  • 13 months as Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Major Crimes Task Force. 3
  • 3 years as a Senior Advisor to the United Nations Police Mission in Liberia, Africa.  
  • Chris Holland holds a Master’s degree in Safety Management from University of Central Missouri, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Missouri. He is also a graduate of the FBI Agents Academy, the City of Saint Louis Police Academy, and the United States Army Military Police School. Chris currently teaches graduate level courses in Emerging Global Threats at George Washington University. He is also a certified instructor in the following areas:
  • Anti-Terrorism Instructor
  • Active Shooter Instructor
  • FBI General Police Instructor
  • Workplace Violence Instructor
  • Peace Officer Standards & Training Police Instructor



Marc Kovacs

Division V.P.

Marc Kovacs has 27 years of Law Enforcement and Military Anti-Terrorism Experience. He has conducted training around the world for both Law Enforcement and Military groups.

Marc specializes in the areas of Public Safety Management, Firearms Training Development, Use of Force Consulting, Deadly Force Investigations, SWAT, Tactical Operations, Less Lethal Techniques and is a Master Firearms Instructor

Marc has also served as a Protective Service Agent for the Secretary of Defense, and Deputy Secretary of Defense.

As a master instructor in Kinesic Interviewing, Marc spent a year training the Mexican Army and Naval Special forces techniques in Kinesic Interviewing Procedures and Tactics, which lead to numerous arrests for Human Trafficking and Narcotics Offenses while there.

In 2015 Marc received An award from Mexican Army Special Forces Minister of Defense For providing exceptional training and guidance in Kinesic Interviewing techniques to the intelligence program of SEMAR and SEDENA.

Marc is well known as one of the foremost Seaport and Facility Security experts and has developed training programs teaching others as well.


Tom Archambault

Division V.P.

Master Use of Force Instructor

Thomas J Archambault, President & Chief Instructor for TJA Use of Force Training, Inc., has 37 years in specialized use of force, chemical munitions and less lethal technology for law enforcement,  corrections and corporate security.

Tom is an approved U.S. DOJ & U.S. DOD federal training contractor and has trained throughout the world.

He has developed numerous program specific courses for less lethal weapon manufacturers.  He was additionally the former Executive Director of Training for Federal Laboratories/MSI.

Notable Events:

  • Personally selected to Train the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in chemical weapons, one year after the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian incident.
  • Testified before the United States Congress at the Branch Davidian Hearings
  • Developed and implemented one of the first, nationally recognized, generic OC Aerosol Spray – Instructor Courses used by the I.A.C.P. pepper spray study.
  • Developer of the Master Instructor Certification Programs,   in Chemical, Less Lethal Munitions, Diversionary Devices, and Use of Force.
  • Developer of Master C.E.R.T. Instructor Certification and Disturbance Control Team Certification Programs.
  • Inventor of the highly acclaimed, Emergency Response Belt, a protective and restraining “cloth device.”
  • U.S. DOJ Recognized Expert Witness – Use of Force Field
  • Authorized U.S. Military Use of Force Instructor/Trainer


Lawrence Rice

Division V.P.

Larry is a Retired Chief Warrant Officer with the United States (U.S.) Army Criminal Investigation Division, with 20 plus years of military service and experience. Seventeen of these years dedicated specifically to the law enforcement and criminal intelligence collection arena.

Larry served eighteen additional years of experience as a government contractor supporting U.S. Department of Defense intelligence operations. Experience includes felony criminal and internal investigations, crime trend analysis, counterintelligence operations, human intelligence collection, strategic debriefings, interviewing and interrogation techniques, intelligence collection management, strategic intelligence analysis (also known as critical thinking), link analysis, pattern analysis and, analysis of competing hypothesis.

Larry is one of the most effective and highly regarded Counterintelligence Analyst in the U.S. Central Command’s Area of Operation